So this is my school’s Jazz Choir. As the description states, we’re one of six high schools and six colleges that were chosen to attend a clinic to sing with the New York Voices in Chicago in March of 2015 - there are 11 students and five chaperones, and each of us has to pay upwards of $800 and in the case of four of us, we’re heavily involved in theatre or band and have excessive fees to pay in those departments, as well as the fees for choir that are unrelated to this trip. Even those of us who are not involved in other departments do not have the ability to pay for the whole trip, so we’ve started a GoFundMe page to ask people for donations. When it comes to donating, I’m aware that there are many other worthy causes that you may feel more compelled to donate to and if that is the case then please do! But if you have the ability to donate anything, however small, and would not mind, we would appreciate it immensely, and even if you can’t, we would appreciate it if you could share the link! Thank you very much!

http://youtu.be/r7C6wqV0jlg (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

http://youtu.be/xZ3ZDKx-dzw (A Train)

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My dear friend and I are doing a project! Every Wednesday since school started, haven’t missed one yet!!!


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